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Electric Tabletop Chestnut Roaster: “The Marronioffen”



Hard to say but incredibly easy to use. This Swiss product now has dual heat settings and has revolutionised the way we cook our chestnuts at home.

No more mess. Simple and quick to clean.

Oven roasting and grilling tends to dry the nuts and adhere the inner skin to the nut making peeling difficult. This unit with its light steaming action during roasting eliminates this problem while producing a chestnut with a full roasted flavour.

Simply the quickest, cleanest, way to enjoy delicious hot roasted chestnuts in minutes.

  1. Switch on. Pre-warm for 5 -10 minutes
  2. Drop in your chestnuts (Cut of course!)
  3. A couple of stirs and in about 15 - 20 minutes - Hot Roasted Chestnuts ready to eat!!

There is no better way to roast chestnuts due to the patented action of steaming and roasting simultaneously. Even difficult chestnuts peel easily with this unique design.

The tough black enamel and stainless steel styling will be a feature of your bench top - you won’t want to put it away.



Dimensions - 22 cm High x 24 cm diameter

Sole Australian Distributor - Robinsons Chestnuts

Price - $320

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